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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

No, that's not the point. Quality is independent of genre.
Once again, the point goes zooming right over your head. The amount of watchable genre shows - or any shows - on TV is so miniscule that I'll gladly watch a sci fi show that you can call fantasy or horror or a rutabaga. Quibbles about terminology may be briefly amusing but in the end, of no importance at all.
Well, okay, the vast majority then.
Right, so I guess you are telepathic then. You don't have a flippin' clue how many viewers categorize the show in this or that way, or any way. What a load of unadulterated baloney!
To the mundanes, it's all sci fi in that sense
The mundanes = the vast majority of viewers. So most viewers do think of a zombie show as "sci fi." You just invalidated your own argument!

No, of course it's a cop show, with sci fi trappings (and too subtle for most people to notice). My point was that it's more sci fi than Walking Dead is.
Not according to TV Guide, and TV Guide knows all!
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