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Re: Smallville: 10x09 "Patriot" - Discussion and Spoilers

I thought last week's episode was sort-of weak and a bit lame. I hate it when they go all creepy, dark and like they did here with many of the Granny Goodness scenes. With the dark, bluish, lighting. The creepy music that sounds like someone borrowed the "springathon" from the Blair Witch Project basically the whole episode is in "reality" but it seems like it's in that fucked-up reality from a few seasons back when Clark was infected with Deusexmachniaite and he was in a paranoid delusion with him at Arkham and various things in it made him "make up" the series. (Chloe was living in the Talon as a conspiracy theorist, etc.)

And the cameo with Hatcher was over-sold.

Meh episode.

This week I hope to see it being better, seeing AC will be cool again because, honestly, this is the only venue for which the lame Aquaman is worthy.
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