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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

Cutter John wrote: View Post
Its more SF than half the crap Sy-Fy shows.
It's more good than any of the crap Sy-Fy shows which is the real point.
This obviously goes well beyond AMC's regular audience, and I don't think any of them think of this as sci fi
Any of them? Are you telepathic?

We should allow that longtime arbiter of mass market TV taste - TV Guide - to decide this. This week's issue is coincidentally about sci fi. The Walking Dead is listed; oddly, Bones is not. Are you calling TV Guide a liar?!?

Of course, the likes of Supernatural and Vampire Diaries are also in the article, which just goes to show that the mainstream perception is that fantasy and horror are subsets of sci fi. Like it or not, that is how sci fi is now popularly used among those who don't give a flip about fine distinctions such as whether vampires should be in the same category as zombies. To the average person on the street, of course they're in the same category. The average person on the street has better things to think about, such as whether to get a caramel double mocha latte or go for peppermint this time.

Bones uses futuristic technology and scientific research to solve crimes.
Is the point of the series to explore sci fi concepts? Then it's "real" sci fi, as real as it gets on TV. Is the point of the series to solve crimes? Then it's a cop show with sci fi window dressing. Is the point of the series to do that UST thing between two attractive leads of opposite genders? Then it's a cop show/soap opera with sci fi window dressing.

I have a strong hunch exactly which of those statements is the truest.

Technically it may (or may not) be sci fi, but nobody at AMC is going to say, "Wow, Walking Dead is very successful-- let's do a show based on The Songs Of Distant Earth."
Now you're skipping over what the audience things to how network execs decide which shows to do or not to do. And they definitely do pigenonhole shows, broadly into "real world" vs "speculative fiction" (sci fi/fantasy/horror). The success of a speculative fiction series will bolster faith in the whole category.

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