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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

Mum & dad went to IKEA today, asked if I wanted to join them -which I did!

I bought one of those things (don't know the anglo name for them: please help me with that!) that you install above where you do your cooking; they, then, suck up all the vapours! cost me 999 Kr (~183 US$).

And, while I was there, I also got a big ol' mat to put in front of my door, a nice rug (probably for the cat to piss on ), a couple of lamps (two of the old-fashioned 'bulp'-type that are dim-able but have a better light-to-heat ratio than the usual incandescent ones) and one 3W LED thing to light up my desk (looks a bit like the 'heat ray'-device on top of the UFO's in the 1953 War of the Worlds film! plus a forty-LED-balls-of-light-chain for outdoors use.
(and a few other things -while I was there...)

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