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Re: Superman Lawsuit Restarts

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
Not embarrassed. I'm not the one coming off as an ass putting [sic] out there like a grammar nazi.
Spelling and grammar are different things.

I confess to a deep and abiding disinterest in whether or not people think I'm an ass.

CaptainCanada wrote: View Post
A court needs to set a final amount that WB has to pay that will give them complete control over the Superman character and end this once and for all.
That isn't within the power of the court.
This is the crux of what people so often seem not to understand about the whole idea of a system of courts and law. All laws are limited in their application, and the outcome of a given proceeding is, by it's nature, fundamentally unknowable beforehand (though smart money will bet on precedent).

If the law were absolute and the testimony of witnesses universally reliable we wouldn't need courts - just cops.

Captain Craig wrote: View Post
I want the courts to lock this down and settle this pissing match for good.
Read Captain Canada's post again - the entire thing.
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