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Re: Superman: Casting Call!

Jetfire wrote: View Post
It is fucking fixed...happy...I misread it.

I took Tom Welling & Brandon Routh out too.

Breath. It's ok.

I know you really want Tom Welling to get a chance to play Superman in a movie, but you really need to accept the fact that is NOT going to happen. It just isn't.

Dennis wrote: View Post
I'd love to see the revival of the Superman musical that's been put on at the Dallas Theatre Center. It looks like they've got a great take on how to handle the whole thing conceptually. This character really belongs to the 1930s.

Of course they talk about taking it to Broadway, but that's not likely.
I saw a reading of this earlier this spring. It's ok. There's a sense of humor about it. But at the time of the reading, it was way more camp than I think people will like. Well, maybe that's not true, it will be great family fun. Maybe. The songs are ok.

That said, I feel like it's in a weird way in competition with Tamor's Spiderman. I'm sure someone went: hey, Spiderman is coming to Broadway, we should redo the Superman musical... (There are clips of it on youtube. It had a TV version of it...)
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