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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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I think we're many years away from a new Trek TV series, for many of the reasons cited here. Most importantly, the current thinking at Paramount is that Trek has once again become a successful, profitable film franchise and there's very little upside to cannibalizing it with a new TV series. They saw the diminishing returns of too much Trek in the marketplace in the Berman days, with multiple TV series and the films running concurrently. I imagine the focus will be on the next few films before we see anything else.
Except Paramount has NOTHING to do with a Trek TV series. As people have said multiple times in these threads, CBS owns the TV rights to Trek NOT Paramount. If CBS wanted to make a TV series, they could do it tomorrow and Paramount would have no way to stop them. The reason we won't see TV Trek is because it doesn't fit into CBS's TV strategy.
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