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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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Poor Sarratt...and how amazing, that even in the horrific state he's in, he would care enough about the thought of another being suffering that way, to want to protect him even though it means he still can't communicate well. As to why he can't manage anything but short words and phrases on the monitors--now that we know he probably thinks much more than that, is it because he's having to focus to override the existing programs and they don't like his doing that?
His connection to the computer wasn't supposed to work this way, it wasn't designed to make it possible for him to "talk" to others. His brain is a powerful biological computer and that's what they wanted to use. NOT his individual thinking, opinions and everything else that makes a person. They didn't need a person-computer who would argue with the ship's captain, they wanted a powerful and fast way of making their ships superior to everyone else's vessels.

To make a coherent and normal sentence he would have to search the database, copy and paste words, which would take too much time. And energy. I'm certrain he is VERY tired. He's too weak to stay concentrated for a long time.
And he doesn't have access to everything anyway.
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