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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

Poor Sarratt...and how amazing, that even in the horrific state he's in, he would care enough about the thought of another being suffering that way, to want to protect him even though it means he still can't communicate well. As to why he can't manage anything but short words and phrases on the monitors--now that we know he probably thinks much more than that, is it because he's having to focus to override the existing programs and they don't like his doing that?

Given what we just saw in engineering, it's very clear that it's a matter of Sarratt's individual character and quality as a man that makes him able to care for others. He must have been like Sabal, when he was brought into the Order--did it simply to use his piloting skills, not because he was filled with hatred.

I'm glad that he is no longer going to suffer, one way or the other.l

I am glad th'Arshar wasn't about to stand by and let another argument start up. Under such tense circumstances it would have been very, very easy and tempting to do so.
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