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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

LIFESIGNS - 2x19 - 4/5

It was a pleasant surprise to be treated to another Doctor episode. He's easily my favourite character and this episode plays out much better and is arguably more influential on his character than the relatively weak 'Projections' from earlier on.

It's not a particularly complicated story and there's a fair bit of medico-babble which I am less inclined to criticise than technobabble as my knowledge of medicine is quite small - meaning I'm happy to suspend my disbelief with greater ease.

This episode helps to further develop the Vidiian backstory and paint them as a three dimensional people with a real issue. The Paris arc also ramps up in this episode with Tom becoming increasingly undisciplined and he PUSHES CHAKOTAY ON HIS ASS. This scene alone probably helped bump this episode from a three to a four in my opinion.

This is a very 'nice' story without a tidy resolution for the Doctor or Denara - they simply must enjoy the time they have before she has to leave and I enjoyed it thoroughly.
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