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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

DEATH WISH - 2x18 - 5/5

Yet another stand-out episode for this season. 'Death Wish' combines the still relevant and topical issue of euthanasia with the intriguing science-fiction concept of what happens to an omnipotent being who has experienced all there is to experience in the universe.

This is excellent development of the Q, but not character assassination. The Q are still beyond the comprehension of human beings and nothing really changes that by the end of this episode. I am not a huge fan of the later Q episodes on Voyager, but this one is a welcome addition to Q lore.

This is a well acted, funny, dramatic and emotional episode - everything that a good Q episode should be about. I would even say this is on par with TNG's strongest Q episodes (i.e. 'Deja Q' and 'Tapestry') and is much better than Q's token appearance on DS9.

This episode deals with some hard issues and the main actors in this episode all provide stellar performances. Also bonus points for B'Elanna making the call: "This ship will not survive the formation of the cosmos!"
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