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Re: DS9 ruined Alexander Rozhenko

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I liked Alexander. Finally not a super-hero-honourable-blah-blah-blah Klingon, but someone completely different. I found him very "refreshing".
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There were hints on TNG that Worf's son Alexander could grow into quite an interesting character in future. But then the writers of DS9 decided to bring him into the show, and, IMO, completely botched the character, turning him into a bungling, Clouseau-type figure who was hopeless at everything and suitable only for derision. I feel that he could have been so much more than the pathetic comedy character we ended up with. How do others feel?
I think both of those positions are a bit extreme.
Alexander didn't have a father for most of his life and his mother was dead...raised by his grandparent in an Earth Society...I think the awkwardness was a given and like most boys he wanted to be like the father he didn't really know because most us hold our fathers...(or at least want to) in high esteem worthy of emulating.

I think Alexander was properly done. For some young men it takes all their youth to figure out who they are after a bad beginning like he had.
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