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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced

Darren Aronosfky signs a two-year development deal with 20th Century Fox. Aronosfky's last film The Wrestler was distributed through Fox Searchlight in 2008 and Black Swan will also be distributed through that label when it opens December 3rd, 2010. The Wolverine will be the first film to be produced under Aronosfky's new deal with 20th Century Fox, who will also distribute that film. It starts shooting April 2011 in New York City before moving to Japan later during filming.

Fox Filmed Entertainment has signed Darren Aronofsky and his production company Protozoa Pictures to a new two-year, overall deal, it was announced today. Under the deal, Protozoa will develop and produce films for both Twentieth Century Fox and Fox Searchlight Pictures.

Aronofsky's debut picture under the pact will be The Wolverine, starring Hugh Jackman. Written by Oscar-winner Christopher McQuarrie, the film is scheduled to begin production in April next year.

The deal solidifies Fox's relationship with Aronofsky, whose recent films – this fall's critically acclaimed psychological thriller, Black Swan, was produced and distributed by Fox Searchlight, which also distributed Aronofsky's 2008 award-winning film The Wrester. Black Swan opened this year’s Venice Film Festival, and has since screened at such major festivals as Telluride, Toronto and London to great acclaim. The film arrives in theaters beginning December 3rd.

"Darren's vision has brought audiences some of the most original and memorable stories and characters in recent motion picture history," said Fox Searchlight heads, Steve Gilula and Nancy Utley. "We at Fox witnessed this first hand with his work on 'The Wrestler,' and 'Black Swan,' and now, on 'The Wolverine,' which will be an exciting take on that iconic figure and on the genre itself. We can't wait to see what else Darren has in store for us."

Added Emma Watts, president of production, Twentieth Century Fox: "We're excited Darren is going to bring his unique vision to 'The Wolverine' and we take great satisfaction that Fox, irrespective of the size of his films, continues to provide a home for his extraordinary talent."
Interesting to note that prior to Bryan Singer's departure from X-Men 3, he had also signed a two-year development deal that at the time included him directing X-Men 3 as well as producing the Fox TV show House. After Singer left X-Men 3 and 20th Century Fox to direct Superman Returns for Warner Bros., 20th Century Fox succinctly terminated their development deal.

Singer of course is now back in good graces with 20th Century Fox and is currently producing X-Men: First Class for the studio. At one point, I thought 20th Century Fox was a miserable studio that continually produced garbage and drove talented filmmakers away like the aforementioned Bryan Singer and Alex Proyas (who said after directing I, Robot that he would never direct another movie for 20th Century Fox again unless of a regime change). Now they're bringing in high class talent like Bryan Singer, Matthew Vaughn and now Darren Aronosfky.

It seems like something has changed.
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