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Re: The Christmas Countdown Thread!

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That Thinkgeek t-shirt I ordered for my daughter arrived yesterday. The shirt was $29.99, the delivery charge was $22.00, and my husband had to pay 15 for customs and such on delivery. If I ever order anything from Thinkgeek again I'll have it sent to a Canadian or American friend and have them send it to me via surface mail as a gift. I've learned my lesson! The shirt is brilliant, though, and my daughter is sure to love it.
I ordered once from think geek while I was in Northern Ireland. I actually had to phone the courier company in London and get them to organise putting it on a plane to Belfast

Hoping shipping to Canada will be a smidge easier...

UPS are the worst - anything I order from Weta that comes from their warehouse in the US has a hefty brokerage charge slapped on it by UPS. If I get it shipped from New Zealand it arrives happily by Canada Post with no extra charges.
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