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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

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Im glad you all like the giggle - it did make me laugh a lot.

Uninvited Guest - I loved the music and video but the quick change of screens gets to my eyes so lessons my enjoyment

This was on the side bar:

Hellfire was so awesome, I bet Kate was really happy kissing the actor playing the part

Libratio - I loved it, Im guessing it might be Italian.

I loved your favaourite and heres mine back to you:

Heres some more I found:
The future is ours

Keep Holding On redux


The Future is Ours is a great (and HUGE) J/C fanfic, too, by the way That video is a "trailer" for the story. I think Dawn47 finished it earlier this year.

The underwear vid made me giggle - although the editing on it looks like it might be lifted from another vid? It seemed familiar.

This is a new vid LyrielleMoon put out today:

All Right Here

I might have let slip to the family a while back that I was tinkering with video editing, and I was asked to do a 15-minute video with 90 years(!) worth of images and footage for a family event. So making anything for YouTube will have to wait for another week or two.
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