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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

I've been hoping and half-expecting that the movie will have both a female villain (Catwoman) and a female love interest (Talia) and neither of them will be both. If they were both villains and love interests, I think that would just be too complicated. On the other hand, if Talia is just interested in Bruce Wayne and Selena is just interested in Batman, you could have a rather interesting Clark Kent-Lois Lane-Superman sort of love triangle going on.

I'm not sure which way they'll go, though, since doesn't Talia usually know that Bruce Wayne is Batman? This means she would be interested in both the man and his alter ego. I can't help but anticipate some romance between Catwoman and Batman too, even if I think two love interests is too many. In every interpretation of the character I've seen, she's been romantically attracted to Batman. I was surprised to recently discover that even in the '60s series she's enamoured with him!
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