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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

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Exactly. Just as ELF does with arsons and bombings.
None of which instill a climate of fear, because they aren't targeted at people.

So, when the KKK burns a cross in somebody's yard, it isn't terrorism, only vandalism...because, after all, didn't actually kill somebody?
History not your forte? The K.K.K. have killed--in significant numbers. Their stated goal is genocide, and they've had the means and will to attempt it. To equate the K.K.K. with the E.L.F. demonstrates an astonishing inability to comprehend scale and ethics.

With all due respect, you need to put aside your obvious bias ("right-wing discourse seeking to villify the environmental movement by perpetuating the myth of eco-terrorism") for a second?

First off, this isn't an "all environmentalists are terrorists" argument so there's no attempt to "villify" the entire movement being made here. If you think a single bad character in a movie who happens to be an eco terrorist, or the recognition of the existence of actual eco-terrorists, somehow villifies everyone who believes in the environment then you seem to have a real lack of faith in the ability of honest and peaceful environmentalists to defend and/or distinguish themselves from the handful of bad guys out there....or a lack of faith in people to understand: (a) a few bad apples don't taint the whole barrell; (b) most people can understand IT IS JUST A MOVIE.

Second, you have attempted to argue that property damage, without anyone dying, can't be terrorism, apparently because, as you put it, targeting a person's PROPERTY can't instill terror in the victim. The KKK example proves that this is patently absurd. Even if the KKK doesn't kill somebody, the act of having a cross burned in someone's yard is going to be, any reasonable measure, terrifying. Furthermore, the use of arson and explosives, even against someone's property is, as a matter of common sense, an inherently dangerous and, to the victim (and probably the public), frightening activity.

Now, getting back to Batman.

As I noted before, the idea of Ras making "all environmentalists" look bad, especially given the fact that actual eco-terrorists in real life haven't done so, is about as likely as the idea of Harvey making "all district attorneys" look bad, especially given that crooked real life DA who maliciously prosecuted the Duke lacrosse players.
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