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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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Why people want to pigeon hole what sci-fi is is beyond me. Who cares?
Because words have meanings.

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At its heart, sci-fi is about "what if?" Post-apocalyptic fiction answers a rather important "what if?" question about how individuals would or should react to the collapse of society. The concept is no more and no less sci-fi than anything done in space.
Technically true, as I said, just as Godzilla answers "what if atomic testing woke up a big-ass monster." But when people go to see a Godzilla movie, they go to see big-ass monsters, and when they tune in to Walking Dead, they tune in to see Zombies. Nobody is saying, "Gee, 2001 rocked, I think I'll check out Walking Dead."
... but it's still science fiction. It doesn't have to have aliens and spaceships to be sci-fi.
Are you reading what I write? Technically it may (or may not) be sci fi, but nobody at AMC is going to say, "Wow, Walking Dead is very successful-- let's do a show based on The Songs Of Distant Earth."
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