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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

Now I've slept on it, I will add a little more to my numbers...

Foster - His kicking was awful, especially at the end when he managed to hit the ball 60 yards upfield into the stands from a goal kick. Failed to martial his defence properly and was at fault for the first goal by not being on his near post properly and his slow reaction with his leg was a lame duck attempt to save the ball. Joe Hart as a keeper looks quicker & sharper, Foster never even looked ready to save the ball for the 1st goal, you look at Hart's body language when anyone gets 30 yards to his goal shows he's ready to dive for anything in a blink of an eye.

Jagielka - Clearly still feeling the virus he had earlier this week and looked more comfortable in the centre, which is a worry for England because we need a 3rd option for right back...Maybe Milner would be the better option ?

Lescott - Slow, clumsy and was in the wrong for both goals. Him and Rio got suckered in the same space for the 1st goal and the 2nd goal saw him stand there watching a cross go right in front of him, stick a leg out next time Lescott. A stronger character like Terry would of screamed Gibbs into position instead of letting his full back partner wander off.

Ferdinand - Didn't look 100% mobile and being the senior player & captain, did a poor job of sorting his defence out. The back line was far too deep at times just begging the French players to run at them.

Gibbs - Should not of been in the squad, has just come back from injury and has barely played for Arsenal this season. Looked slow and ball watched far too often and was the main villian of the second goal allowing Nasri I think it was to get in behind him for the cross. Needs to tell Wenger to let him go out on loan in January and cannot play for England again until he gets some match time and learns to stay in position.

Milner - Not really anymore a winger despite what Man City may think though he needed to play there to help Gibbs out but couldn't do much due to Gibbs's poor positioning at times. Looked more comfortable when he played in the middle towards the end. Needs to play on the flank though in the next two games to keep check on Messi & Bale but long term future is in the middle.

Walcott - How many poor games does he need to have before Capello will change his plans. As a winger he only works when coming on as a sub but his true position is still a striker. His ability to put the ball away when in the 18 yard box looks so natural but hes simply a crap winger to start with so easy to mark out of the game. If you must play him as a winger then try the left so he can cut inside.

Henderson - Too soon for the young lad though needed Barry & Gerrard to support him for his debut and he got nothing from either. Fabio did what he always does and asks his players to change their style and he played a attacking midfield who can run things for Sunderland in such a deep role, he was never going to play well.

Barry - Slow, slow slow is the best way to sum Barry up whose gone from solid to shaky in 12 months. He needs replacing and won't make it to Euro 2012 so the likes of Rodwell and Milner should take his place.

Gerrard - Missed 3 wonderful chances and look all out of sorts. Sloppy passing and always looked in two minds in what to do. A 4-5-1 needs a quicker, slicker player likes Wilshire to link up the attack. Gerrard should begin to adopt a Quarterback role like Scholes did in his 30's and allow the likes of Wilshire in the future to run the midfield. Capello you must change his role before 2012 just look how good Wilshire has been for Arsenal this season.

Carroll - Did what he could and was one of the few you couldn't fault. No support from his midfield and it was too much long ball and not enough crosses. If Fabio wants to stick 4-4-2 then he could form a decent partnership with the likes of Rooney, Bent, Agbonlahor or Defoe. England must stop the long ball so often when a tall man is upfront.


Richards - Look solid in at right back when he came on and the French stopped getting so much success down the right when he came on. Stronge, quick and much sharper than Glen Johnson can be...ENGLANDS number 1 right back Fabio.

A. Johnson - Troubled the french at times though I would like to him swap flanks during games to confuse fullbacks more never let them get to know his game. Should start every game for England and leave Man City.

A.Young - Set up the goal and probably a better sub then starter like Walcott though I want to know after Young;s awful game against Montenegro why wasn't the inform Matt Jarvis called up?

Warnock - Not long enough to judge him but him ro Baines must be cover until Gibbs matures.

Crouch - Typical Crouch, scores a goal then gives away several stupid fouls because he cannot stop putting his hands all over defenders. Despite his goal record makes England play in such a linear way and his overall form is patchy. Bent, Defoe, Agbonlahor and Carroll are better options because we need a quicker England attack.

Simple fact until England play with some pace and the ability to run and move quicker with the ball we will never beat the top nations. We got a long time until our next Q/F I would Harry Redknapp to take over now, we need to play with freedom and Fabio forces our defence/Midfield so deep we can never get going.
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