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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

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Exactly. Just as ELF does with arsons and bombings.
None of which instill a climate of fear, because they aren't targeted at people.

So, when the KKK burns a cross in somebody's yard, it isn't terrorism, only vandalism...because, after all, didn't actually kill somebody?
History not your forte? The K.K.K. have killed--in significant numbers. Their stated goal is genocide, and they've had the means and will to attempt it. To equate the K.K.K. with the E.L.F. demonstrates an astonishing inability to comprehend scale and ethics.

the G-man wrote: View Post
Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
^ How about staying on topic.
I'm perfect happy to stay on topic.

Can you get the poster[s] who flew off the handle when I made a legitimate (if off-hand) comparison between Ras and ELF to do so?
I'm perfect[ly] happy to stay on topic.

Can you get the poster who casually tosses off accusations of terrorism, and parrots the right-wing discourse seeking to villify the environmental movement by perpetuating the myth of eco-terrorism, to do so?

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