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Re: Dollhouse season 2; rewatch and reviews

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The bad;
If Alpha is a Doll why not use Topher's gizmo we saw in The Public Eye to knock him out?
Good point. He may be a little like Echo and have some immunity to imprint tech.

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Best line;
The ones that you mentioned, plus :
Alpha: "Well ... TALLY HO, then! In fact - what say we tally your hoes?"

and Ballard's "So if she floats, she's a witch." (Not a funny line, but incisive.)

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He describes Echo as his 'immortal beloved' which is a reference to Mozart.
I think that you mean Beethoven, but I'm just going by the title of the Beethoven biopic starring Gary Oldman. (This wouldn't be the first Oldman reference in a Whedon show, given Spike's gemeral demeanour (reminiscent ofm Sid And Nancy?) and his playing of Oldman-as-Sid's version of My Way in Buffy episode Lover's Walk; not to mention the Dracula connection.)
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