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Re: My take on the NX refit (WIP)

erifah wrote: View Post
Good god, yer' building an actual physical model? I thought that was nearly a lost art...
Not for me, for me - this is 3D!

Saquist wrote: View Post
Okay this looks much better than the NX 01 itself ...getting rid of the structureally weak booms off the saucer along is a great improvement

This is also much better than their refit if you bet ride of that pod hanging between the nacelles.
I would, but the pod is necessary according to trek lore.
at least for this timeframe.

Herkimer Jitty wrote: View Post
This doesn't feel like a refit, but a whole new class, you know?

Personally, if we're working from the NX and going forward in the timeline, I'd keep the pod, BUT it wouldn't house reactors or an extra deflector or anything wacky like that. It'd mostly be a supply/utility pod to allow the NX-class to take on a wider range of missions for longer periods of time. Basically, instead of tearing the entire ship apart and rebuilding it from the keel up, it'd be a quick retrofit, so that Earth Starfleet doesn't have to take their biggest, baddest, most advanced ships out of service for goodness knows how long.
I saw this as being the very last refit at the end of the NX line, kind of a "lets use what we've learned over the last 15 years" The ship is the Dauntless, so she is NX-08; a lot has been learned since Enterprise was built. Starfleet would have learned over time how ineffective the original refit would have been, i.e. shuttlepod crashes, structural integrity issues etc.

look at warships today, they dont keep cranking out the same ship year after year; ship classes evolve.

I see this being the extreme range of stretching the NX class before moving on to a new design.
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