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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

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Oh...and Medic Taret's words in our story together--asking AU Dukat if the implant he had had been forced on him--are sadly ironic now. It's a horrible contrast...a benign technology that helps a man to live a better life and that AU Dukat could really be at peace with, versus this perversion that no person could or ever should have to bear.
I didn't think about it before.
I'd been re-reading our story last night, so it was fresh on my mind.

Who knows...maybe in AU Dukat's universe, the people that invented these awful technologies in yours were at work on healing technologies instead. What a horrifying, cruel waste.

I think that a symbiont also has its own personality and isn't just a blend of its hosts. After all, the symbionts are supposed to be sentient and intelligent beings, so they have to be more than just a mix of others' experiences.

Ronus is 267 years old, but first 100 years it spent in the pools and wasn't joined. It spent all that time thinking and "talking" to other symbionts. It has a mind of its own, its own personality and opinions. They join and blend with hosts now, but Asu Ronus isn't just a combination of previous--and current--hosts; this person's personality and experiences include the symbiont's personality too.
I also thought symbionts had personalities. But I've seen people claim they're nothing but living USB drives.

But when I tried to imagine how a symbiont might feel about what it and Asu were seeing, that it would have some unique memories to add to that situation. For some reason, though (and maybe it was because the DS9 writers didn't want to get that complex), Jadzia Dax was never asked that question during her trial in "A Man Alone." She was asked to talk about past hosts, but never asked about how the Dax symbiont feels about things and what it experiences. And that was the mystery I always wanted to know.

But I would think with that position of absolute trust a symbiont has to put itself in--trusting of the Guardians, and trusting of doctors to take good care of it when it's put into a new host, that this would be a particularly horrifying thing to such a being.

Symbionts probably don't move when they're in their host--that is, their own bodies--given that it would potentially injure the host. I imagine they're paralyzed in terms of their own bodies, but that they see and act through the blended personality they share with their hosts. I have always assumed that joining...though difficult on someone not not just endurable but pleasurable when both host and symbiont are trained and matched to each other professionally. So while Ronus may be inside Asu's body, I've always assumed that this is a pleasant state for it to be in, and the same for Asu.

Sarratt has been forced into a similar arrangement against his will--one that gives him nothing but horrible pain and for which he was never meant. I have to imagine that would creep the Ronus symbiont out in a REALLY bad way.
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