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Re: Cowboys & Aliens, the first trailer is here.

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I don't know.

Honestly, I thought Cowboys & Aliens was going to be a much lighter movie for some reason, but the darker and more ominous tone really works here. I'm pretty convinced.
Same here. I was surprised at how dark it was at the outset, Craig wiping out those outlaws, then it being revealed that he's a wanted man. With Favreau directing and RDJ originally due to star, I expected something more in the Iron Man vein.

Looks like a lot of fun all the same but I would have liked to see Ford in a lighter sort of role. So sick of the grumpy gurn of doom though I suppose his character is perhaps meant to be in the Gary Cooper mould. Which Harry suits.

It's funny, I remember an interview with Ford in a SW magazine years ago (pre ESB) where he said that Han Solo was basically John Wayne in space, as far as he was concerned. Indiana Jones also had a touch of the cowboy in his outfit (and the famous stunt from Raiders where he goes under the car is a variation of the stagecoach stunt seen in countless westerns) but until now, IIRC, the only western Ford has done is a comedy western called No Knife, where he had second billing to Gene Wilder (in the same interview, Ford called it the world's first Jewish western! Maybe he forgot about Blazing Saddles).
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