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Re: Cowboys & Aliens, the first trailer is here.

Kegg wrote: View Post
I've seen worse trailers; but if the entire movie is 'aliens show up, attack generic Old West town, are beaten by Daniel Craig's magic gizmo' it may not be a hell of a lot.
Apparently this trailer really only mostly reflects the first act of the movie.
Favreau himself reflects “what I like about it as a filmmaker, is that it feels like they are selling the same movie that we’re making.” He goes on to say that this trailer encapsulates “the tone of the first act of the movie, and as we get deeper, and as more trailers come out – more will be revealed.”

JacksonArcher wrote: View Post
Honestly, I thought Cowboys & Aliens was going to be a much lighter movie for some reason, but the darker and more ominous tone really works here. I'm pretty convinced.
Since I didn't know the tone of the comic I really did little to no research on this movie. Haven't followed its production and the like, thus wanting to be shown something first, then decide. It may be why I'm initially not enthused with GL, but I'm still holding out hope.
I think C&A, just based on this trailer, could do well. I like Craig and Ford both. Both actors could use another franchise at this point. Besides its also another shamelss Indy/Bond pairing once again.
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