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Re: Does Anyone Have a Fast Pickup and a Mercenary Team I Can Borrow?

Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
I sell my emerald for as much nose candy as I can get.
Illegal drugs? Not on my watch. This is a drug free criminal enterprise.

Holdfast wrote: View Post
TheBrew wrote: View Post
I'll be the tough as nails heavy with a heart of gold. I will bicker with the leadman but end of sacrificing myself to save the team.
Locutus - pick this guy. He'll help, but since he's going to sacrifice himself, we won't need to give him a share of the spoils.
Welcome to the fold, brother. Upon your sacrifice for the greater good of me you will receive 72 virgin daiquiris and a pair a dice... or something.

Deckerd wrote: View Post
For my part, I have a slow pickup and a couple of whippets. Any use?
Dog bombs in case the police have themselves an RV?

I think we're on sound ethical ground, here.
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