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Re: The Christmas Countdown Thread!

^My mother's sister is like that, too. We always had to visit them, they never came to us... at any time of year. I put my foot down with the response, "It is the same distance from your home to mine as it is from my home to yours. When you come visit me, I'll be happy to visit you." In the last 30+ years we've had two visits from them.

For years I sent her (and other family members) a subscription to Guidepost magazine. It is a positive, uplifting type of publication... a fairly inoffensive gift for most. A few years ago I asked her if she got the subscription renewal. She told me that for years she has been throwing that Satanic magazine in the trash and didn't know who kept sending it to her. She found it offensive and "not really Christian, but a tool of the Devil," etc., etc. Needless to say, that is the last gift she ever received from my household.
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