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Re: ST: Shaping a Cardassian - The Shadow of the Order

Oh, man...this is a time when I did not want to be so close to correct. I didn't know JUST how bad it would be, but as soon as I saw that dataport, I knew they were messing around with some kind of technology they really shouldn't be.

Poor Sarratt. I wonder how it is he's managed to keep something even somewhat resembling sanity during all this time. The fact that he's helping the team at all, even in whatever fractured state of mind he's in, says that he has. But this man in engineering--something tells me he's angry, and wants revenge. And if that's how he's been "fueling" himself, I doubt even Sarratt could "talk" him out of it, especially since--understandably--Sarratt seems to have very little will left to do anything but die. Yet somehow I do think Sarratt MIGHT be trying to reason with the man in engineering, hence the trance. (Assuming that those two men are able to communicate with each other in any way more meaningful than the few words Sarratt has put onscreen for them.)

I am glad th'Arshar realized Brenok would never condone this.

Oh...and Medic Taret's words in our story together--asking AU Dukat if the implant he had had been forced on him--are sadly ironic now. It's a horrible contrast...a benign technology that helps a man to live a better life and that AU Dukat could really be at peace with, versus this perversion that no person could or ever should have to bear.

As for Asu Ronus...I wonder if his state of mind is unique, as a Trill. I don't know if in your universe the symbiont also has a personality and thoughts, but I bet Ronus feels awful for this man. After all, it (Ronus) understands what it's like to be held and manipulated by medical personnel and only be able to trust that what they're doing is right, and not be able to communicate or do anything in case something went wrong. Maybe it has the fear of being manipulated and used in a similar way and not being able to stop it, because I'm sure there are those in the galaxy who would love to experiment on symbionts. And I'm sure that both it and Asu (in their joined personality) feel like they're seeing a horrible perversion of what for them is (I assume) a natural and willing state where both of them get something good out of it. We've never heard a symbiont personality speak...all Trill talk about are the hosts, but I just have this feeling the Ronus symbiont in particular really IS horribly disturbed by this.
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