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Re: RLM finally did it / Plinkett reviews Star Trek

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Perhaps, but I don't think I'm alone in this point, isn't it one of the more common ones from long-time fans? It's what makes Star Trek different from Star Wars. I didn't feel the new movie was much different.
Actually, the vast majority of long time fans loved the movie. Hell, they most likely appreciated XI more than the general public. Its only a tiny minority that never really understood what Star Trek (TOS mainly) was and what made it work to begin with. People keep bitching about messages and heart and intellect when XI really wasn't any dumber than most of the Trek moves we had so far. Granted, the plot could have been tighter with a better developed villain and Kirk could have been challenged better than he was in XI (though I imagine the sequel will address these issues), but getting away from Trek's awful pretentious preachiness and exclusionary (is that a word?) attitude was a GOOD thing. Star Trek was always meant for the general public to consume, even as far back as TOS. This is anb objective fact.
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