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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

The Bechdel Test is a great concept, and a test that lots and lots of blockbusters fail.

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ELF has engaged in arson and bombings. The fact they haven't actually killed anyone, even accidentally, is simply a matter of luck.
Doesn't quite sound like they have much in common with a group that wants to kill nine tenths of the human race and is led by a sinister foreign sinister man to me.

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I remember that when "Batman Begins" came out, I read a review saying that Rachel was the latest in a series of 'useless bat-girlfriends' who wasn't really necessary and was obviously put into the movie just so it wouldn't just be a sausage fest. I thought that was a bit of an exaggeration, but a fair point being made.
I don't. I mean I'll grant that Rachel Dawes in Batman Begins more useful then any non-Catwoman girlfriend of the previous four films, but they're predominably ciphers.

Catwoman is a worthwhile example here because she's the only one of the female leads to have a superhero/supervillain identity, which means she can be involved in stuff in the movie which does not directly have anything to do with Batman. The other female leads, well, pretty much take the classic damsel in distress cue of being relevant only as people for the hero to pine for and desire and people for the villain to threaten and menace.

Kinda why I want Catwoman in Batman 3. She's a fun character that could actually work, and she doesn't necessarily need to be a Batman love interest.
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