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Design the Next Enterprise

This just arrived in my inbox, and I thought of you guys immediately. As I didn't see (obviously) a thread on the topic, I thought I'd post:

Cryptic Studios wrote:
Design The Next Enterprise
Seriously. We're working with our friends at CBS and Intel to turn the design of the next canon Enterprise over to you, Star Trek's most dedicated fans. Just visit our special Design Hangar and submit your version of the universe's most iconic spaceship. We'll convert the best design into a ship in Star Trek Online, but that's not where it stops.

Here are the prizes available:
  • Grand Prize: Custom, STO-painted Alienware M11x laptop; STO Collector's Edition; STO Lifetime Membership; and a 3-D model of the winning design.
  • Second Prize: Alienware laptop (no custom paint job), STO Collector's Edition and an STO Lifetime Membership.
  • Third Prize: STO Collector's Edition, STO Lifetime Membership and an Intel Core i7-875k processor.
  • Fourth Prize: STO Collector's Edition and an STO Lifetime Membership.
  • Twenty-one Honorable Mentions: Standard-edition copy of STO and a Star Trek Online poster.
Assuming any of you enter the contest, I can hardly wait to see what you come up with.
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