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Colin Baker absolutely despised though admits that it did have one redeeming feature - kept him (and Nicola Bryant) warm when filming in cold weather.
And your source for him saying he "absolutely despised" it? If he absolutely despised it, why would he have had a large one made to wear at conventions and stuff?
He pretty much says it in every interview. That at the time, he disliked it. (so perhaps despised might be much) And has said that a good thing was, he was on the inside of the coat looking out.

He probably got a coat made for conventions, just like Pertwee had velvet jackets all the time it seems. People want to see the Doctor in costume.

Or maybe, he likes to dress up like other fanboys.
A lot of people, who I happen to call friends, often point to the 6th Doctor's coat and comment that Doctor Who is terrible and site it as one of the reasons.

I answer their outburst, response, or disregards with a resounding face palm.

The coat has history, I'll admit and it's reputation has gone forward and back as good to bad to good to bad.

At it's first appearance, it was thought bad taste... not just by the characters it seems. But it grew on people and it suited the 6th Doctor and his personality much in the same way the scarf did for the 4th.

In hindsight, the coat was often frowned upon and regarded as a failed experiment by JNT.

Then came... a couple of decades later... the Blue Coat used for the BFA stories. We could like the 6th Doctor again! And with a better writing staff (not saying his era was full of crap writers, I haven't actually seen any 6th Doctor's stories so I'm reserving judgment. ) and a much less antagonized Colin Baker... the 6th Doctor lives on.

And the coat? Well. It's still the more preferred in the Action Figure line. I see it going for a higher price than the blue coat. XD And I'd much rather wear something that was worn on the show than wear something that wasn't.

In conclusion, I love the coat.
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