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Re: Aronofsky's Wolverine film title announced

I'm not fond of this current trend of giving sequels vague names that fail to sizably differentiate them from earlier entries. The 4th Rambo movie was called Rambo. The 4th film in the The Fast & the Furious series was called Fast & Furious. The 4th Final Destination film was called The Final Destination.

Why can't they do something a little more unique sounding, like perhaps Wolverine vs. the Samurai.

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^Nahh, then people would be asking video-store clerks why they didn't have Wolverine: Weapon I - IX in stock.
That's assuming the average person would think of Roman numerals when they see the DVD case up on the shelf.
Yeah. Like remember the 10th Friday the 13th movie. Even its own ads pronounced it "Jason Ecks" instead of "Jason Ten."
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