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Re: The Big Bang Theory

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It's not obvious to me at all. He has no problems communicating .. it's what he communicates which interests me.
^He very, very likely has symptoms of Asperger's Syndrome - which is a high-functioning form of autism:

(I have meet quite a few people in the science community with some form of Aspergers.)

In fact, Sheldon's character has become very popular with parents of kids with Aspergers - and TBBT has been refereed to by Slate magazine "the first autism sitcom".

Slate: Is the World Ready for an Autism Sitcom? < >

Autism Goes Prime Time: The Big Bang Theory: < >

Psychology Today article on Sheldon and Aspergers:

The Autistic Journalist blog article on Sheldon:

The Big Bang Theory & Sheldon discussion on an autism discussion board:

^Just to name a few...just Google "The Big Bang Theory Sheldon autism Aspergers" and the list of links about the connections are pretty long...

Sheldon also pretty obviously has OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (I know, I have it myself) but like autism and Aspergers, "OCD" is never mentioned on the show by name...
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