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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

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But, while most environmentalists are harmless, there are real eco-terrorists on earth, such as the Earth Liberation Front. Isn't Ras simply an extrapolation of those types?

And isn't worrying that Ras is going to make environmentalists look bad about as silly as thinking Two-Face is going to District Attorneys look bad?
Perhaps, although unlike DAs, Ra's isn't counterbalanced with numerous examples of "environmental heroes" ...
Fair enough. But I can't think of one that's entered the public consciousness like, say, Jack McCoy has for good DAs. Maybe the guy that Australian dude played in Avatar.

Also, in most of the highest profile examples--Fern Gully, Avatar--are the protagonists really fighting for environment? I'd argue they're not, certainly not first and foremost. They are fighting colonial oppression. There is an environmental dimension to their opposition, but the central conflict is not really about protecting a biosphere but protecting liberty and property rights. The philosophy of Avatar is fundamentally not much different than the philosophy of, say, Inglorious Basterds.

The Planeteers fought for environment, but the Planeteers is also a cartoon even children realize was kind of retarded, I mean sub-He-Man in its motivations and realism, and dangerously supposes that the solution to oil spills is to beat someone up. Although I guess that's not entirely incorrect, if you have a soulless blue golem beat enough oil men to death, you will eventually prevent oil spills.

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