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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

This is the life is on fav now... and I was SHOCKED Delilah wasn't already there... but it is NOW.

Delilah reminded me of another vid which I think has been posted already...

...which lead me to this vid... and I don't know if we've done this but better to post it twice than never! (I love this crew!)

oops! That Fabio vid reminded me of YET ANOTHER "Harry falls for the wrong girl" storyline!

Oh, and Purdy, I'll see your charmed vid and raise you a "desperate ladies" vid!

I've seen that T/7 befiore.. good one, but did you notice this on the sidebar?

And for those who can't decide between J/7 or J/BLT or...


I very like this "Behind - the -Scenes- Video"
So do I.

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