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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

I saw an asian vampire movie called THIRST , it was subtitled.
It really wasn't very good.
The plot is a priest volunteers for a medical experiment, he is the only one of 500 to survive this man made virus. The downside is that now he is a type of vampire. Being a priest he holds onto his moral convictions but the vamprism is causing a type of moral rebellion inside him.
He ends up having an affair with a married woman from his youth, she always loved him. She frames her husband for abuse and the priestly vamp lets the evil take over him and he kills her husband. He then turns her and it spirals from there before he insists they both perish on a cliff as he sun rises.

Save yourself the 2hrs, however, the last hour was better than the first. It's the only thing keeping me from flat out calling it horrible.
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