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Re: What made Patrick Stewart so perfect as a starship captain?

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To be fair, his portrayal of Picard was a bit wooden at times during season 1 and parts of season 2 as well.

But I agree with most of Picard Alpha's points.
As I see it, his stiffness in Seasons 1 and 2 were on purpose (Not Actor-wise, but Character-wise) due to having to set the bar for the Flagship of the Federation, not being too fond of children, trying to separate himself from the crew and keeping private.... he came off as stuffy and crabby... yet he also knew his stuff and at rare times, he opened up to a few crew mates due to one thing or another.

Even his heart condition he tried to keep private and away from the rest of the crew, almost to the point of dying..... in the later seasons and leading up to the final episode of the series, they show this evolution and growth of Picard through the series.....

From being stiff, stubborn and detached from the rest of the crew as he thought he needed to be, hating children, not understanding why they'd be on board a starship in the first place and just barking out orders and attitude....... to being a more personal, kinder, more open Captain who knew how to deal with the crew on a personal level, but still maintaining professionalism at the same time, he eventually revealed the story of what happened to his heart and opening up details of what he used to be like, which led to why he was the way he was...... learning how to deal with children and figuring out that they're not that bad..... to finally sitting down with the senior staff to play some poker, which he admitted he should have done a long time ago...... and then later learning that his nephew/uncle and his brother & wife all died in a fire, making him realize that not only was he the last of his family's line, but that his nephew/uncle was the closest thing he had to a son of his own.

Picard grew and evolved probably the most out of all the other captains..... though Sisko evolved either just as much or a wee bit more.... it's a tough call between the two.

But also in my opinion, the pivotal moment that made Picard change gears was right around the time he was assimilated by the Borg..... once his humanity was stripped and he was used as an instrument of humanity's destruction, he began to see what he was taking for granted, he began to have a new view towards not just humanity in general, not just his position in life, but how he viewed and treated those around him by keeping his distance. They did after all, risk their lives to save him, where if he was still in command, he probably wouldn't have allowed such an order to be given (which was Riker's advantage)

Him finally opening up with his brother back on Earth and expressing how he felt when he was assimilated, to me, was the moment he changed from the distant & defensive Picard everybody knew, to the Picard we know now.

Sure he told the story about his heart to Wesley which was before he was assimilated, but due to what happened to his Father, he felt responsible and due to his additional feelings towards Bev, in a sense, he looked at Wesley as his own child while on the Enterprise...... and even when he was explaining the story to Wesley, it was all still in a "Matter of Fact" explanation, and he was still pretty distant.
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