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Re: Would ATlantis or Universe had benefitted from extensive Flashback

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I would have liked to see why someo fo them are on the team. [...] but did anyone else go on SG missions or part of an SG team?
For the first sentence, a decent chunk of these people are supposedly "the wrong people," remember. They were assigned to Icarus Base, but not to the Ninth Chevron Expedition. Young, for example, was in command of Icarus Base, while Telford was to lead the Expedition. From some dialogue throughout the series so far, we know that Young used to lead an SG team but apparently requested reassignment away from the field because he couldn't handle the stress. Other than Telford and Young, I don't think we've had any indications that anyone else onboard Destiny had traveled through a Stargate except to go back and forth between Earth installations. This seems to be the first SGC field experience for everyone else.
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