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"There, too"? One consequence of the use of the location and the resultant ship rescaling is that the ship could have whole suburbs of machinery dedicated to different things. Kirk and Scott could have beamed to a water treatment plant that was in no way related or connected to warp engineering...

On the issue of dirt roads, I'd actually consider those a nice scifi idea. It's the future, folks. Steel plates don't arrive on eighteen-wheelers any more... If they aren't transported in, they're probably flown in.

That said, I'd have liked a bit more camouflage on some of the locations used. OTOH, there was lots and lots of camouflage on the CGI sets to make them blend with the physical locations, and the end result was that the interior of the Enterprise IMHO had a very consistent feel. Save for the bridge, which probably ought to have been shot "on location" somehow, too...

Timo Saloniemi
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