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Re: Would ATlantis or Universe had benefitted from extensive Flashback

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If you want good flashbacks, you need good writers. Lost had good writers and good flashbacks. For the reverse example, see The Event.

Since Stargate has never had very good writers (certainly not in the past ten years or so), the answer is not to add flashbacks but to hire writers like they had on Lost (if they could afford them, maybe that's the problem). Then you can do flashbacks or flashsideways or whatever you want.

all flashbacks do is ruin the flow of the tv show. If you got a good story to tell then you dont need flashbacks or flash sides ways. Keep it simple with a good story.

But would the flashbacks REALLY be any worse than supposedly cut-off people contacting earth, or even interacting with characters on earth in real time? Or using villains from previous series for no reason and having contradictory explanations of them (such as Replicators)

For me, reasonably used flashbacks could be excellent ways to bring back old Stargate characters. For Atlantis, it would bolster their previous Stargate involvement, and show how valuable they are on missions.

And for me, Universe is just NOT must-see TV. It's not fun like SG-1. I would have liked to see why someo fo them are on the team. i know this is Eli's first encounter with ALien stuff...but did anyone else go on SG missions or part of an SG team?

It just seems more natural than using "stones" to go back to earth.
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