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Re: Does Anyone Have a Fast Pickup and a Mercenary Team I Can Borrow?


Nick The Munificent wrote: View Post
If you need a fast driver, I'm your man
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ancientone51 wrote: View Post
Always like green sparkly things...if you need me, I'm in.

Not sure what I can do, maybe play the old lady in need of help, or the rich old lady who will not take that from the help. I can be a distraction.
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Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Has the slot for fast-talking, wise-cracking computer hacker been taken yet? I need Mountain Dew and Hot Pockets.
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Captain Ice wrote: View Post
I'm only a 6 hour drive from that courthouse, can get a cargo van, and know where I can get my hands on all the weaponry we'll need...
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Gaseous Anomaly wrote: View Post
I have a 4x4 3/4 ton pickup, however that looks like a lawn tractor will carry it off. Count me in if you like!

Did I mention I know several spec ops guys that can help.
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Sephiroth wrote: View Post
military trained marksman seeks position in big green rock heist
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