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Re: Movies Seen in 2010

261. Murder in Trinidad [D+]

This little seen whodunit from 1934 is probably little seen for a reason. The colonial setting that manages to avoid all but a few black people is absurd, some of the plot points are hilarious (the two heroes give up the chase of a villain who has just thrown a knife at them in less that five seconds, which is very--unintentionally--funny), and a number of other complaints I've already forgotten about less than a few hours after screening it. And yet there's something oddly compelling about the sleuth, who is overweight, has a nasty habit of eating peanuts and leaving the shells on the ground no matter where he goes, and hardly possesses the motivation of, say, Sherlock Holmes (after his assistant is murdered, he rather nonchalantly proclaims that, "I guess I'll investigate the murder").

Another Bergman film tomorrow in 35--I hope it will be good.
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