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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

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(Item: Do we really need to portray environmentalists as the bad guys?)
All right, valid point.

AdmiralYoung wrote:
^ ^This is exactly the reason why Lex stepped down, conflict of interest reasons along with a whole slew of other reasons that I'm not familiar enough with to type down or even speculate about. He asked Talia to head LexCorp thinking that the daughter of Ra's al Ghul could be trusted, why someone as intelligent as Lex would think that is beyond me, one could argue that he wasn't aware of her personal connection to Batman and by default Superman as well and probably thought she wouldn't have been a threat to him or his business. I think Talia was also running the League's public front companies at the time as well which is why she was brought to his attention in the first place.
Still wanna know how she happily took a job as the one of Alexander's trusted ruling council within the Secret Society of Supervillains two weeks after Lex presumably would have sworn vengeance on her, in addition to Superman and Batman.

It's a minor continuity problem, I suppose, but it's needling. My guess is Geoff Johns, Dan DiDio, Gail Simone, and everybody else just forgot, or rather didn't make the connection that Alex pretending to be Lex meant that any baggage Lex had, Alex would have to carry around with him. (Although I grant otherwise it makes sense, to go from disgraced ex-president to leader of a supervillain army, just the personal vendetta between Luthor and Ghul that ought to have existed--unless Ghul knew about Alex' identity--just somehow didn't.)

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