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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

Yep, pretty much as I predicted. Castle was fairly useless for most of this episode because he was so distracted by fantasy that he missed the obvious: that the decompression was caused by a vacuum chamber, that the signal was from a spy satellite, etc. The whole thing was rather predictable.

That Lyle Lovett guy certainly has a distinctive look, but he's not much of an actor. I found him boring. They had Lance Henricksen in the episode, for Pete's sake -- they should've made him the MIB and put Lovett in the smaller role of the Whitley Streiber analogue.

It took me a moment to parse the joke, but I liked the bit where Castle said he knew Chinese because of a TV show he used to love. Firefly reference!
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