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Re: The Dark Knight to have a female villain?

I think it's sort of obvious why they moved away from the ecoterrorism.

Terrorists who despise the decadance of the United States? Led by a guy with an Arabic name. Well, he turns out to be Irish, but maybe that's a call-back to the 1980s, who knows... (good Irish roster of villains in that movie really).

You could say the nihilism of the Joker builds on this. We've had a villain who despises the world's decadence, now we have the anarchic embodiment of it. I'd be surprised if the third film doesn't have villains with similarly dark motives - Al Gore doesn't really seem to cut it (Item: Do we really need to portray environmentalists as the bad guys?)

And if you really want an environmental-themed villain, to me, the average schlub who just sees the movies and stuff, I'd have to ask if Poison Ivy doesn't fit the bill better. I thought environmentalism was her MO.
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