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Re: If you were creating a TOS Prequel, how would you do it?

Saquist wrote: View Post
Frankly I think other than Spock that is the most interesting XO I've seen bibled yet.
Do you have anymore information on him?
ghoyle1 wrote: View Post
I believe that's Admiral Nogura (referred to but never seen onscreen in TMP); he's also featured in the "Star Trek: Vanguard" series of novels (after this character roster was written).

Am I correct in assuming that Maggie Garcia is "Number One" from "The Cage"? Interesting background; many fans make the assumption that she's Christine Chapel's sister, so making her both Hispanic and descended from one of Khan's supermen are an original choice. Are there enough "augment" descendants around over 150 years after the Eugenics Wars for "mainstreaming" them to be a problem?
ghoyle is right on both accounts. Sorry, Saquist thats about all I had on Nogura. I figure there would be some conflict between April and Nogura, with Nogura being right on occasion and winning some begrudging respect from April. The "political family" angle would also figure in storylines where UFP politics come into play. Nogura is also a key member of the ships first contact team because he does have a flair for diplomacy.

You are correct about there not being too many "augments' around. Anyone known to have an augment background is pretty much kept under lock and key by the Government of Earth. (The UFP turns a blind eye to this "internal matter") Part of the reason for this is the augment process causes various mental problems ( paranoia, megalomania, sociopathic tendancies). Garcia is on an experimental drug regimen to keep this under control. Which probably contributes to her shyness and quite demeanor. All the above would be plot points for various episodes and arcs.
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