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Re: Smallville: 10x08 "Abandoned" - Discussion and Spoilers

Actually I'm thinking this scenario...

Geoff Johns: Hey ya Grant what's up?

Grant Morrison: Just putting up some finishing touches on Batman, Inc#1 right now Geoff what's up?

Geoff Johns: Nothing much, just got off a conference call the other day with Brian Peterson and Kelly Sounders. They're the showrunners on Smallville. They want to use Darkseid as the main villain for the final season. They're pretty excited. Kelly described the season as being dark and epic. They wanted me to check with you if it would be okay do adapt Final Crisis?

Grant Morrison: Is Clark becoming Superman finally this season? Is the lad gonna finally fucking fly?

Geoff: Yes.

Grant: Sure, I don't mind them adapting Final Crisis if helps the bloke become Superman. Should be interesting to see how they depict Darkseid. Let me know if they need any notes or anything like that.

Geoff: No problem. Thanks Grant!

Few months later Grant Morrison is watching "Lazarus" and sees the smoke monster version of Darkseid!.

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