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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

Things are starting to come together. Some good scenes between Dexter and Lumen this week, though I could have done without her ex-fiancÚ's visit. I still worry that Jordan Chase is a bit too much of a stock villain though.

On other fronts, I like Deb's frustration at being forced to take the fall, and feel like her being reassigned to desk work for a few weeks is setting her up to play into the season's climax and possibly start to discover what her brother is. Great scene between Dex and Deb at the apartment, too - both played it perfectly understated.

I hope LaGuerta gets her ass handed to her too. She deserves a comeuppance after five years of stupid selfish moves and being a generally annoying character

Peter Weller's still hamming it up like mad, but I enjoyed it more this week. Maybe I'm just adjusting to the accent and over the top style. Interested to see where that thread goes. I'm starting to doubt if Quinn will survive the season.
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