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Re: The Big Bang Theory

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I don't know.. she's the female Sheldon and like him she's socially totally inept or rather very factual and scientific.

She's reads about how a slumber party is supposed to work and fails to realize that the last part with the lesbianism is more of a male teenager fantasy (it said so on the "manual"! ) so she went through with it.
I don't buy it one bit. The first time she appeared, she declared that under no circumstances would Sheldon even be allowed to touch her. She's a character who's averse to any form of overt sexuality.
She's also a scientist who's socially inactive for the most part.. her wedging herself into Penny's girl's night was out of character to begin with (that was not very believable or in character for her and it put me off a bit) but the storyline wouldn't have worked without her attending this social event. What came afterwards was pure Amy though and i loved it
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